Custom Live Unified kits now available!

The Live Unified store is open!

After you’ve completed your order, your school’s Centralized Account will automatically be charged. Shipping is on us! (You can also order additional goodies using a credit card or your Centralized Account.)

The last day to order your Live Unified items is November 11, 2022. Your order will be shipped no later than January 3. All sales are final—no returns or exchanges will be accepted. Once the store is closed, orders may not be changed.

Want $150 off your order?
Enter code unified88 at check-out to claim a $150 coupon for your school. The coupon code will expire on November 11, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

All questions about the store can be directed to Chelsea Calkins at [email protected].

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Live Unified is an initiative to combat ableism, promote inclusion and spread kindness. We are a community of people looking to change the world in simple ways. We encourage everyone to be a little kinder, a little brighter and a little more inclusive every day.