Three steps to become a Unified Champion School

  • Talk with your Special Olympics Minnesota Schools staff representative
    We would love to talk to you about where your school is at when it comes to this journey to inclusive! We want to hear about your current school culture, talk about the Unified Champion School Model, and share all of the resources we are able to provide. Schedule a time to meet with your designated staff member.

  • Connect with key stakeholders
    Talk with administration, teachers, staff and students on how Unified Champion Schools could look in your specific school! Share you enthusiasm and ideas for the Unified movement and the resources available to support this work. Upon request, Special Olympics Minnesota staff will attend these meetings with you.

  • Fill out the Commitment to Inclusion form
    Submit a formal expression of your school’s commitment to the inclusion revolution. After you fill out this form, your school will become eligible for Unified Champion School resources, communication and funding through Special Olympics Minnesota.

Ready to join the revolution?