What are Unified Sport Invitationals?

Unified Sport Invitationals are single-day, less competitive opportunities for students to experience the power of Unified sports. While aimed for schools new to the movement, it provides a platform for students to showcase abilities through a fun event. These events are hosted by Special Olympics Minnesota and by individual schools.

What is Unified Sports?

Special Olympics Unified Sports brings together people with intellectual disabilities (Special Olympics athletes) and people without intellectual disabilities (Unified partners) to participate on sports teams together. Teams practice and compete together over the course of a full season, just like any other school team, college intramural or community recreation program. Unified Sports was inspired by a simple principle: Training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding.

Goals of Unified Sport Invitationals

  • Provide an opportunity for students of different backgrounds to play in a Unified setting and learn from one another.
  • Create a fun opportunity for exercise and friendly competition.
  • Increase local awareness for Unified Sports.
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Upcoming Unified Sport Invitationals

Thursday, February 10, 2022
South Metro Unified Bowling Invitational
Lakeville, MN
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Monday, March 7, 2022
St. Paul Unified Bowling Invitational
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Unified Sport Invitationals Offered

If your school is interested in exploring a new Unified Sport Invitational, please reach out to your Unified Champion School Program Coordinator.

Unified Basketball Invitationals

Unified Bocce Invitationals

Unified Bowling Invitationals

Unified Flag Football Invitationals

Unified Track & Field Invitationals